Thursday, June 11, 2015

Monsanto's Biggest Fear: Chipotle's

Monsanto's Biggest Fear: Chipotle's recent announcement that the chain of restaurants is non-GMO triggered a tidal wave of media abuse, instigated by the desperation of the biotech industry. The media lynching of Chipotle has an explanation that is important to the future of GMOs. The cause of it is that there has long been an incipient crack in the solid public propaganda front that the food industry has presented on the GMO issue. The crack originates from the fact that while agribusiness sees GMOs as central to their business future, the brand-oriented and customer-sensitive ends of the food supply chain do not. Mainstream media can do all the name calling they like. The truth of the matter is that while Chipotle's profits continue to rise in response to their removal of GMOs, Monsanto's sales and profits are going in the opposite direction. Despite what Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture is telling the world, consumers are king and any company that is stupid enough to ignore consumer preferences will suffer the financial consequences. Thank you, Chipotle! Death to GMOs and Monsanto.
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