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Published on Jun 15, 2015
The push to ram the TPP and TTIP down our throats isn't over. They are hoping you aren't paying attention.


Stop ‪#‎TPP‬ and ‪#‎TTIP‬. Don't let them slip through fast-track authorization this Tuesday!
Why this matters:

Monsanto Banned

Carole Ann Allen Multipure Independent Distributor
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Cindee Frederick Crosby Bottom line here. Money is more important than lives.
Ducu Naucu the answer is simple....because here corruption is called lobbying and is legal
Louis Rudy Rudziewicz Big companies are helping us. SuperTarget is carrying a non GMO line of food products, And WalMart just announced yesterday that, because of demand, their grocery stores will start carrying a line of organic foods at cheaper price because of volume.
This is so good, others will have to follow suit.
Please share the good news....See More
Louis Rudy Rudziewicz Spraying foods with Glyphosate is spraying foods with poison.
Shove your $5.00
Pat Harrington I challenge anyone to cite ONE SINGLE CASE of any human being dying as a specific and direct case of any commercially available GMO product of ANY kind!
Pat Harrington Every insurance company has people called *Actuaries* that do nothing but crunch numbers, including mortality causes and statistics. Google is your friend.
Deb Sides Because here GREED rules and not the people:(
Nadine Naujoks Welcome to the USA, owned and operated by big business since 1963!
Tina Dadisman Because Monsanto has bought their politicians. And a supreme court Judge.
Pam Demonium You can track all their products with the app Buycott. Don't give them your money anymore. They're not banned here because we give up and just post on Facebook but never are given a real solution. Use your power to make a difference in just choosing the products you buy every day. Put these people out of business now and not when they pass some stupid law.
Janice Patterson-Fejarang Monsanto board of directors has 6 common board of directors of the FDA!!!! Including Hillary Clinton. They want to control the worlds food supply. It is all about profit!!! Wake up lemmings!!!! Fred Steiner nailed it!
Julia Jochmann Sorry, but unfortunately Germany has not removed and banned Monsanto completely. There is actually a ban for the cultivation of GM maize in Germany, but it's allowed to import such corn for animal feeding in the whole EU... Monsanto bought some divisions of german agricultural companies and has branches in Germany. German policy is lobbying just as all the others. We will see...
Eric Walthew That among other reasons is why...
Eric Walthew I read the study previously and the reasons for retraction and about Monsanto's study "proving safety". I hava also lived the agricultural life as a 4th generation farmer. I know Monsanto's ways. I have watched them put untested crops into the food sys...See More
Jerrilyn Henson They have paid off too many people here.... but we need to vote those people OUT of office...
Andy Leslie Come on Canada. Get on board. Those countries listed have decided not to eat shit. Why would we do otherwise?
Tami Walworth- DeMasters Jess Iam, Monsanto is a large company in the farming business (to name one thing they do, and keeping this simple) they modify seeds with the hope of making them resistant to bugs, except those modified seeds are causing huge medical problems in people, Allegedly. Huge up ticks of irritable bowl syndrome, and other gastrointestinal issues in America. Europe banned Monsanto and there people are healthier for it.
Rainer Pfaff I would really appreciate that, but unfortunately it's not true. In a meeting of European ministers, Germany abstained from voting and paved the way for genetic manipulated corn in the EU. The German goverment acted that way though the majority of the ...See More
Petra Bardon-Stroebele Monsanto has been in Europe since 1919. They are reponsible for L-dopa...the main drug still used in fighting Parkinson's. They teamed up with Bayer and are responsible for salicylic acid..also for All detergent and they invented astro-turf. Their ent...See More
Ronald VanDamme Monsanto does not own Cargill . Do your research. Nor do they influence them. Buy local and buy organic if that is your choice. However dont bash a system that is struggling to provide food that the masses can afford. The biggest problem with our food system is over consumption . not the quality of food.
Roy Lindlau Because we have a for profit medical system. Those other countries understand the medical costs related to frankenfood!
Ron Schei Monsanto is not banned in Japan. Their offices are located in Ginza, Tokyo. Mon810 was approved for human consumption in late 2012. They are gaining ground, and most Japanese have no idea that it's happening. Inaccurate posts like this do not help the cause.
A list of approved GMO corn in Japan:
Samantha Weiss Jany Because we now have to figure out how fees those places that banned Monsanto. Somebody has to feed the world, I guess it is up to us farmers. Did you know that there has been over 20 years of research done in this country (both public and private) and ...See More
Jesse P. Glaude Without companies doing what Monsanto does, which is genetically modifying our food (which by the way farmers have been doing for thousands of years) most human beings on our planet would not have food.
Aron Fiechter Zane, you're more right, but still wrong.
Sure processed food has a higher potential to be dangerous, but even food additives are thoroughly tested for safety....See More
Jaime Fing There is always two sides to the the end of the day you cannot feed the world on organics. How often are you putting your hand in your pocket to rectify the problems of the world, at least Monsanto are realistic of the future....
Tina Dadisman Watch Food Inc. No one corporation should have control over all available food.
John Montgomery Everyone realizes the price of groceries in the U.S. and around the world, would SKYROCKET without all of the technology Monsanto has given us?
Phil Shramko If each of us Bans Monsanto in our own homes, Then Monsanto will be banned! I have banned most of it from my shopping list and working on educating myself to better ban Monsanto in my home! I have gone through my coverts and thrown out almost all the ...See More
Bohh Warren You're an idiot. Just because someone doesn't want to eat artificial food filled with steroids and antibiotics doesn't make them tree huggers. It makes them people who care about their bodies and their planet. Secondly, could you be any more invalid wi...See More
Ross Jamison The percentage of better yields do not outway the amount of food that is wasted-thrown away. Half of the food that Monsanto and other corporations help grow goes right into the trash. We don't need better yields, we need better ways of getting the food...See More
Nathan Kaiser Monsanto is in most coutries around the world offering farmers sustainable solutions..... Only certain gm crops are ban in these coutries. Get the facts straight folks!!!
Jeanette Markota Corruption. ...makes me sick. I used to be proud of my country.
Sinead Fox We do have it in Ireland, they have offices in Dublin and Teagsc in Carlow have been growing GM potatoes outside for the last two years...... Also.... Your free range eggs are probably from hens fed GM soy products! Redmills here in Goresbridge as well as other animal feed producers are using GM ingredients!! So our food is being fed GM yet doesn't have to be labelled!!!!!?
Linda DeWolfe Interesting comments showing lack of education on the subject.
Matt Nelson Why are you deliberately lying? Seriously, it shows your lack of fact checking.
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Roderick Macleod Eat your food, girl!
Josh Freedman David Markham actually the local supermarket I go to specializes in non gmo and organic food. Grass fed beef fed non gmo feed forest fed pork fed non gmo feed free range chicken non gmo feed. You must not be shopping at the right place..... Or simply ...See More
Frédéric Combe I am proud to live in a Monsanto-free country. And i hope this Will last ... forever !!!
For once the French government showed they had balls !!!
John Ernst Rubbish they operate in all those countries here is there contact details:
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Jimanne Miedema Monsanto is making it possible for all you people to eat plenty of food !without their scientists,we would have have to go back to hoeing weeds !less food and much more expensive !
Donna Monachino Question. Aren't these the reasons why our foods have all the steroids and so on? Which is why there are more obese children now than before. More childhood cancers. And u think there is no cure. Bullshit. There is. Too much $ in chemo and radiation and pharmaceuticals
Fred Steiner Can't wait until every American understand the issue we have in our food system thanks to powerful companies like Monsanto. They have been slowly poisoning us thanks to making all of our seeds resistant to ultra high dosages of pesticide. Wake up people!
Thomas Dixon Because they're 'in bed' with our corrupt government.
Jacquie Bonner Yea why are they still here?
Craig Harrington Simple, money. It's all about money. People don't matter, the environment doesn't matter, animals don't matter, money is the only thing that matters. Question is, what good is all that money when the planet is so effed up that no one is around to spend it?
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